Dust Collection System

A dust collector is connected with Shake out, to collect the dust generated inside the shakeout while in operation. Wet scrubber has been installed for fumes collection from the crucibles with swivel hood attachment. The capacity of Sand Reclamation Plant that PITTI is integrated with is 15-20 Tonnes/hour.

RO water plant

Pitti Castings also adopt Reverse Osmosis whereby water is demineralized using a semi-permeable membrane at high pressure. A plant cell is a semi-permeable (water flows through the membrane but salts don't) membrane with the living stuff on the inside in a salt solution. Water is drawn into the cell from the outside because pure water will move across a semi-permeable membrane to dilute the higher concentration of salt on the inside.

Reversal of this process occurs by overcoming the osmotic pressure equilibrium across the membrane because the flow is naturally from dilute to concentrate. For more pure water, the salt content in the cell (concentrate side of the membrane) is increased. To do this we increase the pressure on the salty side of the membrane and force the water across. The amount of pressure is determined by the salt concentration. As we force water out, the salt concentration increases requiring even greater pressure to get more pure water.

Thermal Reclamation Plant

In view of reducing new sand consumption for the betterment of environment, Pitti castings has installed Thermal Reclamation plant ( supplied by IMF, Italy ) – 5 MT / Hour capacity for Furan Production Line, Which results reduction of 95 % of new sand consumption.

Tree Plantation

Pitti Castings is aware of global warming, the seemingly irreversible condition resulting to extreme climate changes. This is why we launched a programme to take steps towards creating a Greener Nation and to help protect the country by restoring its greenery. Pitti Castings initiated tree plantation program and the main aim of this program is to promote environmental care and raise environmental awareness. As a start, we have planted a number of trees that will be scaled up to higher numbers in the coming years. The initiative began at Balanagar Mandal, in the Mahaboob Nagar District of Andhra Pradesh. The Pitti Castings managers have also actively participated by planting saplings demonstrating their commitment to the cause.

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